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Highway Superintendent

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The function of the Assessor’s office is to maintain a fair and equitable tax value on all real property within the Town. We administer this function by following New York State Real Property Law under the auspices of the Broome County Real Property Tax Service and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. To maintain a fair and equitable assessment we constantly review our records, updating inventory when necessary. We continue this process by visiting new construction and recording physical changes to existing properties on our property record cards. Our reference to inventory includes changes to square feet living area (additions), decks, porches, sheds, in-ground swimming pools, garages, etc.

Tax rates are applied to Taxable Value (Assessed Value minus exemptions) and are set by the various taxing jurisdictions. Which results in your property and school tax bill. School tax bills are sent by and paid to the school tax collector. Property tax bills are sent by and are paid to the Receiver of Taxes for the Town of Conklin. Please direct questions regarding taxes to the applicable person.

Please call for answers to your questions during office hours or leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

John H. McDonald (Assessor)
Office 775-4343

Amy Ricci (Assessor's Assistant)
Office 775-4343



Assessment Calendar

Broome County GIS

Broome County Real Property

Broome County Assessment Rolls

The application for Disability Low Income is mailed out in January.  Please call the Assessor's office in the Fall to be placed on a mailing list for this exemption.

Disability Exemption RP-459-c  (see attachment below for requirements)

Disability Exemption Q&A

Requirements for Disability Exemption Document

Grievance Procedure

If you would like to schedule an appointment for Grievance Day, please call during regular business hours.  (Appointments are recommended but not necessary.)  All instruction forms and applications are available on this website page.

Grievance Application


Understanding Real Property Assessments
The amount of the real property assessment of a parcel of property directly impacts the amount of taxes payable on the parcel.  In order to lower the taxes on a parcel of property, you must obtain a reduction in the assessment of the parcel.

Real property assessments represent a percentage of the “market value” of a parcel of property.  Market value is defined as the most probable price a parcel of property would sell for in a competitive and open market. 

The first step in the process of challenging your real property assessment is to determine the market value indicated by the assessment, bearing in mind that the assessment is a percentage, or fraction, of the market value.

This market value is determined by dividing the real property assessment by the Town’s Equalization Rate.  The Equalization Rate is adjusted by New York State annually. The valuation date used for the current tax year is July 1.

The next step in attempting to lower the taxes on a parcel of property is to determine the actual market value, as of July 1.  The actual market value of a parcel of real property can be determined in a variety of ways, one of which is an arms length transaction.  Another way to determine market value is an appraisal using sales at the time of evaluation date.  In the absence of a recent sale price, a real property appraisal is the next best way to determine actual market value.

Once you have determined that the actual market value of a parcel of real property is lower than the market value indicated by the assessment, you must file a complaint (often termed a “Grievance”) with the Assessor’s Office during the general complaint period, which is within a very specific and defined time-frame.  The fourth Wednesday of May each year is the date on which the Town Board of Assessment Review considers reducing assessments and is the deadline to file a complaint.  Failure to file the complaint by the deadline forecloses any review or consideration of the complaint by the Board of Assessment Review.  A late filed complaint requires immediate dismissal.

No faxed or emailed copies of the grievance complaint will be accepted by the Assessor’s Office during the complaint filing period.  Original copies of the grievance complaint must be mailed or personally delivered to the Assessor’s Office during any complaint period so as to arrive at the Assessor’s Office on or before the applicable deadline which is the meeting date of the Board of Assessment Review.  Proof of receipt by the Assessor’s Office will only be acknowledged by presenting a copy of the complaint date-stamped by the Assessor’s Office.

Register for the STAR Credit

STAR Credit handout for New Owners

STAR Exemptions / Information

-NYS Property Tax Exemption Applications

-Aged Exemption

The Aged Exemption is an additional exemption designed for seniors who have a gross income of up to $31,500 including Social Security, pensions, rental income, bank interest, stocks, etc. Some seniors qualify for the Enhanced STAR and the AGED exemption. Proof of income for this exemption is different than that for the Enhanced STAR. Residents must bring in their most recent year end statements (which are not available until in late January). If you have applied for the AGED exemptions before, you will be receiving your renewal form in the mail by middle of January. This exemption must be renewed each year. Failure to do so will result in your exemption being removed.

-Senior Citizen (Aged) Application RP-467 

-Senior Citizen STAR Renewal Application RP-467 Renewal

-Senior STAR Q&A

-Basic STAR Exemption
"STAR" stands for School Tax Relief and applies only to the school tax. The basic STAR exempts the first $30,000 of your full market value when school tax is calculated. Basic STAR is available to every homeowner (regardless of age) on his/her primary residence only prior to 2015.  Once you have the Basic STAR on your property, you do not need to reapply as long as you live on that property and do not change your deed.

NOTE: In order to receive the basic STAR property tax exemption, the total income of all property owners and their spouses who reside at the property must be $500,000. or less.

-Enhanced STAR Exemption
The Enhanced STAR Exemption, which also applies only to the school tax, is a special exemption designed for seniors only. A senior is defined as a person who is 65, or will be turning 65, anytime during the calendar year. This exemption is different from the Basic STAR in that seniors must bring in proof of income. The maximum qualifying adjusted gross income is $86,000. Your tax return from 2 years prior will be used as documentation when applying in the current year. You must renew this exemption each year, or your exemption will be removed. If you have already applied for the Enhanced STAR before, you will be receiving your renewal form in the mail by early January.

Special Notice: Applications can only be accepted January 2 through March 1st each year in the Assessor's Office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Assessor's Office at 775-4343

-Enhanced STAR Application RP-425

-Enhanced STAR Renewal Application RP425 Renewal

-Optional Income Verification Program
The Optional Automatic Verification Program is available for seniors who receive only Enhanced STAR  and who file a New York State tax return. You must sign up for this program. The State of New York takes information from your New York State tax return to verify your  Enhanced STAR exemption without your coming into the office. You will receive a green card each year that confirms your exemption status. However, if you receive the AGED exemption, then you cannot sign up up for the Automatic Verification Program.

Special Notice: Applications can only be accepted January 2 through March 1st each year in the Assessor's Office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Assessor's Office at 775-4343

-Income Verification Program Application RP-425-IVP

Veterans Exemptions
Instructions for Veteran's Forms
Please provide a copy of your DD-214 along with the application form (RP-458-a) for each Veteran owner. In the event you have had a Veterans Exemption on a property elsewhere in New York State, please ask the Assessor of that municipality to forward a letter stating you no longer have the exemption on that property.

All owners must sign the application and return it by taxable status date (March 1) of the year in order to receive the exemption of the roll year the exemption is to be received. For example, a Veterans Exemption application received by March 1, 2018 would apply to the property tax bill for January 2019.

-RP458a - Alternative Veterans' Renewal with Service Connected Disability 

-RP458 - Alternative Veterans' Exemption Form

-RP458-B - Cold War Veteran's Exemption

-Veterans' Exemption Q & A.



Dog Control Officer

Kim Gulick

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Cell 607-221-8357

Hours 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

After Hours - On call as needed


Parks Department

Tom Delamarter
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Water & Sewer Department

Tom DeLamarter
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Code Enforcement



OFFICE PH. (607) 775-3456

FAX (607) 775-1434






                                                TOWN OF CONKLIN CODE



001 GENERAL PROVISIONS                                 091 MOBILE HOMES, MANUFACTURED

005 APPEARANCE TICKET.pdf                               094 NOISE

008 ASSESSMENT REVIEW BOARD                       097 PARKS

010 ASSESSOR                                                  100 PEDDLING AND SOLICITING                                                      


021 ETHICS, CODE OF                                        107 SEX OFFENDERS

033 PLANNING BOARD                                        109 SOLID WASTE

035 RECEIVER OF TAXES                                    110 STORM SEWERS

037 RECORDS                                                   111 STORMWATER MGT & EROSION & SEDI

039 RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS                         111a SCH A MAINT AGREEMENT                                             


055 ANIMALS                                                    115 SUBDIVISION OF LAND

059 BINGO                                                       119 TAXATION


063 BUILDINGS, UNSAFE                                    128 VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC

065 CEMETERIES                                               132 WATER                                       

068 CURFEW                                                     135 WELLHEAD PROTECTION

072 FILLING OPERATIONS                                  137 WIND ENERGY CONV SYSTEMS


076 FLOOD DAMAGE PREVENTION                      241 DISPOSITION LIST              






BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION.pdf                                             










Planning Board Application Fillable.pdf


ZBA Application Package Fillable.pdf





Director of Youth Activities

Justin Parker


Town Clerk

Sherrie Jacobs
Office 775-3454

Fax 775-9058

Office Hours:  9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Monday - Friday

Town Historian

Sharon Platt


Town Attorney

Cheryl Sacco
Office 723-9511

Town Board Meetings

2nd  Tuesday of each month at 6:30  P.M.

4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. (Work Session at 5:30 P.M.)

Planning Board Meetings

3rd Monday of each month at 7 pm.


Planning Board Application  

Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Zoning Board of Appeals

Meets the first Tuesday of each month.




ZBA Application Package Fillable.pdf