Our History

Town Historian
Sharon Platt

The Town of Conklin is in the southern part of Broome County. It is bounded on the north and east sides by the Town of Kirkwood, on the south by the Pennsylvania State Line, and on the west by the Town of Binghamton. Conklin was formed on March 29, 1824, from the Town of Chenango. Although unincorporated it is the towns largest village.

The town is known for the George F. Johnson community center on Conklin Road, which looks like a castle. Alpheus Corby, a Conklin resident, built "The Castle" in about 1900 after visiting his mother's homeland of England. Corby admired the country's architectural style.

After Corby died his home was sold to a few private homeowners. Years later George F. Johnson made "The Castle" a home for under privileged children.

In the 1940's Johnson donated "The Castle" to the Town of Conklin to be used as a community center. The building was used as an office building for Town officials until a new Town hall was built in 2002, and it is used now strictly for community groups to meet and is being turned into a museum by the Town's Historical Society.

The Susquehanna Valley School district serves the communities children.